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Our vision for EUFLORIA FLOWERS is to continue being one of the industry leaders in American-grown premium roses by building upon our centuries-long heritage of horticulture, empowering our employees and continually innovating growing practices and product selection.

Consistently among the most beautiful roses in the world, Eufloria roses have been enjoyed by millions at the Kentucky Derby, The Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade, prestigious political inaugurations, and celebrity special events.  Eufloria Flowers takes great pride in being requested by name for both world-renowned events and everyday special occasions.




Company History

Eufloria Flowers was established in 1984 by Andy Koch as Koch Mesa Nursery and renamed in 2000.

Andy’s passion for growing flowers is an inherent trait passed down through seven generations of greenhouse growers. He worked side-by-side with his father Mogens Koch, a pioneer and innovator in the cut flower industry, and developed the patience and scientific inclination to grow rare varieties of roses for the commercial marketplace. Today, Andy continues to push the envelope in growing methods, raising the bar in greenhouse environmental management, quality standards and trend-setting innovation.

The Koch family traces their growing origins to the mid-19th century when in 1811, Rudolph Koch married Caroline, the daughter of the King of Denmark’s head gardener. Her father was famous for having transformed the King’s formal French gardens into romantic English parks. The couple was the second generation of a dynasty of Danish gardeners. Over time, the family became recognized in Danish horticulture and sons and daughters were sent to England and Scotland to train at world famous gardens, returning with cutting edge ideas and newly introduced cultures.

At one time, Carl Henik Koch, Andy’s great grandfather, was the largest grower in Scandinavia and he ran a thriving flower export business to Germany, Sweden and Norway. He was an innovator in greenhouse growing in beds instead of pots, using CO2 dosing and light management to affect growth, and ultimately, hydroponic rose growing in the United States in the 1980s. Carl’s passion for growing spilled into all aspects of his craft leading him to become a world leader in orchid production in the early 1900s, develop the market for Christmas poinsettias in Europe in the 1920s, be the first to market the now well-known Kardinal rose in the U.S. and to help represent greenhouse growers at the world trade stage. It is no surprise he has been awarded over 113 prestigious ribbons from the renowned Society of American Florists Outstanding Varieties Competition since 1999.

This family legacy is what inspires Andy to provide the market with beautiful boutique grown roses.