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Care & Handling

Before Your Roses Get Home

Eufloria employees take extraordinary care of the roses they harvest, grade and pack for consumers. Each variety is cut at a specific stage for optimum bloom performance and pre-sorted by the cutters to keep them in the best condition possible. The roses are then immediately placed in a hydrating solution and taken directly to the cooler for several hours. Each rose is then carefully graded by hand, bunched, wrapped and labeled and again laced in a preservative solution. Whenever possible, roses are shipped in water keeping them well hydrated all the way to the end consumer.

After Your Roses Get Home

Add the floral preservative that came with your roses to fresh water in your vase.
Follow the proper measuring instructions on the preservative packet.

When handling roses do not allow water to drip on heads.

Trim at least one inch off the bottom of each stem with a sharp knife or shears at a 45-degree angle.

To prevent bacteria growth, remove any foliage that will be underwater.

Keep your roses in a cool place away from heat sources.

Add fresh water daily and replace water every two to three days.