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Eufloria Flowers is not interested in growing mass quantities of generic roses.

Our inspiration comes from the art and experimentation of optimum growing. All aspects of the rose growing process are evaluated and with an innovative, technologically advanced system, growers monitor such things as watering schemes, nutrient dosage, CO2 levels and greenhouse climate to establish the best and most sustainable growing conditions.



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Coconut Fiber Hydroponics

The media selected for Eufloria’s non-soil hydroponics system is a specially treated coconut fiber. 

Coconut fiber is a by-product derived from coconut growers in Sri Lanka, India and other tropical countries. It has an excellent resilient structure for growing roses and other crops. Coconut fiber gives young rose plants an explosive start. It has exceptional oxygen and water holding capabilities, which stimulate a vigorous root system.

Water, nutrient and PH levels are monitored daily and adjusted toward optimum levels. Computers help to deliver our nutrient and watering schemes, which allows us to design custom programs based on the age of our plants or specific varietal needs within our crop. The ability to react quickly to each plant’s needs maximizes production and quality. Water recycling is also supported with this system of growing


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Energy Conservation

In an effort to maximize energy efficiency, Eufloria lines its greenhouses with double poly roofs.

The double lining is 33% more efficient than a single layer. The recyclable roof lining is coupled with energy curtains used in each greenhouse to further reduce energy consumption. Eufloria also uses a higher efficiency boiler with a stack condenser that has a 90% plus efficiency rate and uses natural gas to heat the greenhouses, instead of burning used motor oil. The insulated heating throughout the operational system, combined with mixing valves to control the heating demand have proven to be very successful at reducing energy demand.


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integrated pest management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a growing practice where predator insects are released to control insects that damage roses.

IPM is utilized throughout the Eufloria greenhouses to help keep the use of pesticides to a minimum. By using IPM, not only is pesticide use reduced, the risk of employees coming into contact with harsh chemicals is also minimized.




Runoff water is collected throughout the Eufloria operation and recycled to nearby pastureland and used to irrigate other complementary crops.

Should the need arise, the collected water could also be recycled back into rose production. In addition, the plant material and coco fiber the roses are grown in are mulched and used for container crops and other uses